All About Wildlife and Sustainable Lifestyles!

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I am Juliet, a nature and animal lover on a mission to raise awareness about the importance of all lives we share our planet with. I believe that by spreading the word and raising awareness, we can help those animals whose species are threatened, reduce our footprint on Earth, live a cleaner, more sustainable, and greener life!

Here you will find easy and achievable sustainable living tips, ideas, and products all while learning about the animals we share our planet with and whose lives are affected by the choices we make.

So you want to become more eco-friendly? or perhaps you are already living a sustainable lifestyle and are looking for inspiration. Wherever you are on your journey, I think you will find helpful information here. My goal is to encourage you and help you reach your eco-friendly lifestyle goals joyfully and successfully!

We all have to start somewhere. Choosing to live a sustainable, low-impact lifestyle does not happen overnight.

In fact, the idea of becoming more sustainable, more eco-friendly, living a zero-waste life, and reducing your carbon footprint sounds great but bringing that idea into reality quickly becomes overwhelming and seems like an impossible task. Here is when the importance of smalls steps becomes crucial for your success.

Your little steps make a huge difference in the world!

Your small steps are changing the world. Thank you!

I will share with you my knowledge and experiences with eco-friendly sustainable lifestyles including zero waste living, conscious consumerism, minimalist lifestyle, ethical fashion, eco-friendly products, green home d├ęcor, toxin-free living, clean and cruelty-free beauty, eco-friendly organization, wildlife and wildlife conservation efforts! 

I want to learn from you too. I encourage you to leave comments and share your experiences and tips on eco-friendly living! Would love to get to know you better and learn about new ideas on sustainability and wildlife.

My goal is to help you make choices that are good for you, the planet, and all wildlife!

I started this blog along with a YouTube channel to share with the world my love and knowledge about wildlife and nature.


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Meet The Family

A little bit more about me… I live in beautiful South Florida with my husband and two sons. Although I was born in Argentina I grew up in Miami Beach enjoying the sunny days and warm ocean. I love animals, nature, the beach, and spending time outdoors. I love snorkeling, swimming, boating, kayaking, exploring the world, learning how to live sustainably and contribute to our world’s biodiversity conservation efforts. My favorite place to visit is Hawaii!

Maxwell – Little Brother

I love ALL animals! I love to research and learn more about them with my mom. I hope to be able to help save all species someday.

Julieta Iglesia Rothberg (2) (1)
Juliet – Mom

I am a mother of two incredible boys, a blogger, a video content creator, and a CPA, on a journey to live more sustainably to help our Earth and all wildlife.

Aston – Big Brother

I love science and I am looking to discover the next scientific breakthrough.

Let me be your eco-friendly guide!

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