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How To Make Citrus-Infused Cleaning Vinegar
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How To Make Citrus-Infused Cleaning Vinegar

How To Make Citrus-Infused Cleaning Vinegar

This post is about how to make citrus-infused vinegar for cleaning. What you need, how to make it, and where to use it.

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Vinegar is a great option for cleaning. The acidity of the vinegar is powerful against bacteria, it can dissolve soap scums, grease, and other buildups, and sticky residues A vinegar-based cleaner can be used to clean mirrors, windows, bathroom soap scum, toilets, sinks, kitchen grease, wooden cutting boards, countertops, and even trash cans. Vinegar will, DAMAGE stone floor tiles such as marble, or any other porous flooring and granite.  As long as you avoid those surfaces, a vinegar-based cleaner is an amazing alternative to toxic chemical-based cleaners.

See recipe below to infuse vinegar with citrus peels. But, If you do not eat citrus foods, and don’t have access to peels you can use essential oils.

Citrus-Infused Cleaning Vinegar

DIY Orange Peel Vinegar Glass and All-Purpose Cleaner


  • A jar of orange peels or any other citrus fruit peels (tangerine, lemons, grapefruits).
  • Vinegar
  • Water


  • Fill the jar with the citrus peels.
  • Fill the jar with vinegar.
  • Put on a lid and let is in a dark place for weeks.
  • Strain the vinegar into a glass spray bottle.
  • Dilute it 1:1 with water.

How to Use it:

Now you are ready to do some natural cleaning with your orange peel infused vinegar. You can use it in bathrooms, shower doors, kitchen, counters, floors, sinks, glass, mirrors, trashcans, and more.  Just avoid granite, marble, and other natural stone tiles.

There is more, you can infuse it with citrus peels and add herbs! Mint, basil, sage! If you are growing your own herb garden you can add some to your infused vinegar cleaners!

Also, if you can’t stand the smell of vinegar, there is a great solution you are going to love!  See the two recipes below.


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