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How to Make DIY Kitchen Cleaner with Baking Soda
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How to Make DIY Kitchen Cleaner with Baking Soda

Essential Oil and Baking Soda DIY kitchen Cleaner

DIY non-toxic Kitchen Cleaner with Baking Soda. In this post, you will find a recipe to make homemade kitchen cleaner using essential oils and baking soda. Start your journey to a toxin-free household!

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Castile Soap and Essential Oil Cleaners plus Baking Soda | DIY Non-Toxic Kitchen Cleaner

Baking soda is a powerful stain remover, degreaser and deodorizer. To add an additional cleaning punch to your DIY All-purpose nontoxic cleaner, modify any of my castile soap-based cleaning recipes by reducing the amount of soap and adding 1 tablespoon of baking soda. You may use this powerful cleaner and disinfectant in showers and bathtubs to remove soap scums and buildup, toilets, sinks, kitchen counters, microwave, chopping boards, tile floors, trash cans, refrigerator, pretty much any surface but always spot check to be sure.

DIY Kitchen Cleaner with Baking Soda | My Favorite Mix for the Kitchen


  • 1 teaspoon of castile soap
  • 1 tablespoons Baking Soda
  • 2 cups of water
  • 10 drops of each thyme, lemon, peppermint essential oils


  • Mix the water and the baking soda first and dissolve the baking soda powder completely
  • Add the essential oils and shake.
  • Add the soap and give it a swirl
  • Store in a dark place.

OR, you can use this combination instead: Thyme, Lemon, and Lavender. There is no set rule. You can use any combination of oils you prefer. I choose these combinations based on the antibacterial cleaning power of these oils.

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