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The Best DIY Homemade Natural All-Purpose Cleaner
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The Best DIY Homemade Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

best homemade natural cleaners for non toxic living

In my opinion, this is THE BEST DIY homemade, natural, All-Purpose cleaning product I have tried from the hundreds of recipes I reviewed. It is the best all-around in terms of cleaning and disinfecting power, easy to make, and safe for all surfaces.

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THE BEST Homemade Natural All-Purpose Cleaning Product

In my opinion, this is the best All-Purpose cleaner. Even if you prepare several cleaners with a mix of ingredients, you should have a safe all-purpose cleaner that is effective and safe on all surfaces. For example, I like to have my kitchen and bathroom cleaners that are prepared with baking soda for extra cleaning and scrubbing power, but I cannot use that on my granite countertops or marble floors. I love this recipe below to clean up any random messes. You can use the following recipes to clean your entire house without worrying about damaging any surfaces.

Also, when experimenting with your own combinations there are a few basic rules you should know. Never mix a base and an acid, they cancel each other out. For example, baking soda (alkaline/base) should not be mixed with vinegar (acid), they will cancel each other’s cleaning power. Also, never mix vinegar with castile soap, the acid in the vinegar will breakdown the castile soap and turn it into an oily mess. And, the worse combination you can do is mix hydrogen peroxide with vinegar, together they form peracetic acid. It is a corrosive that can damage your household surfaces and it is an irritant. This is basically a homemade bleach alternative. Only use it where you would normally use bleach.

In addition, I have read several claims that castile soap leaves a white residue. While the mix looks white in the bottle, the cleaner made with castile soap is effective and does not leave a white residue if you follow the correct recipe. The ratio of water to soap is high. I use it on everything, including my marble floors without any issues.

I would love to hear your thoughts and/or experience with any homemade cleaners. Leave any comments below!



  • 2 teaspoons of castile soap
  • 2 cups of water
  • 15 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • 15 drops of lemon or orange essential oil


  • Mix it all in a 16 oz glass spray bottle.
  • Store in a dark place.
  • Gently swirl before each use. Enough to mix the solution without causing bubbles.

You can use any combination of oils you like!

Why I Like Castile Soap

Castile soap is a great option if you have surfaces that could be damaged by vinegar such as natural stone tiles, marble, granite, etc. Castile Soap is effective and highly concentrated so it is very economical for DIY cleaners. It is also good for the environment and most are free of palm oil or palm oil derivatives. Destruction of forests for palm oil production is the main threat to Orangutan’s survival. To protect forests and save Orangutans from extinction, we should all avoid products with Palm Oil.

This is the brand I use with no Palm Oil

Castile Soap – EWG Verified – No Palm Oil

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